Medievalis Pontremoli

From August 20 to 24 Pontremoli will celebrate the annual Medievalis festival. The event commemorates the concession as an independent council by Federico II in 1226.

From the elegant central square up the cobbled lanes to the castle the old town is engulfed in a magical medieval atmosphere with the local populace re-enacting scenes of a bygone age. Musicians, warriors, magicians hold ceremony on street corners and exciting entertainment with shows and performances are held in the piazzas and castle.

The various 'contrade' of the town compete in colourful flag throwing and archery events with a prize at the end of the tournament.

Stalls of handicraft adorn the streets where you will be served as in medieval times withtraders in rich costumes and colours.

4 fun evenings with all the vices and virtues of medieval times with shows, falconery, traditional dinners, snacks and drinks, dances and games .